The Benefits of a Neighborhood Dog Park

Benefits of a neighborhood dog park at RiverWalk townhomes in Roswell [Mark Bowden] 123rf

One of the happiest places you’ll find in your community is a neighborhood dog park. Our newest townhome community in Roswell, RiverWalk, features this wonderful amenity for residents. Pet owners at RiverWalk will get to experience all of the benefits of a neighborhood dog park so close to home, and with an additional dog trail, your pet will love their new home at RiverWalk!


The most obvious benefit of the dog park is giving your dog the freedom to stretch their legs. Instead of being limited to human pace on a leash, your dog gets to walk, run and play at their own pace. A spacious open concept townhome is good for plenty of space to lounge, but the RiverWalk dog park makes it easier for your pet to maintain a healthy weight, joints and muscles.

Socialize & Unwind

One of the benefits of a neighborhood dog park at RiverWalk is the opportunity to socialize with your neighbors. Your dog can enjoy playing and socializing with other canines, and you’ll get to meet and connect with other RiverWalk dog owners. Unwinding in their own space will help your dog release stress and pent-up energy. An active dog is much less likely to engage in troublesome behaviors like chewing, barking, and other attention seeking behavior.

Community Inclusion

From your RiverWalk townhome, you can walk a short distance to the dog park placed in a natural environment in the community. No coaxing the dog into or out of the car. It requires no lifting or crates. All you’ll have to do is navigate a convenient walk from your front door and to the park.

Resident pups play together at dog park in new Roswell townhome neighborhood

Dog Watching

Arguably the best benefit, you get to see all the dogs! Your dog can make friends, and you can, too.  While keeping an eye on your pooch, you’ll get to see the other dogs in the neighborhood. Enjoy watching them as they play and share the community park with their owners.

Treat Yourself

Aside from the benefits of a neighborhood dog park, RiverWalk also features a dog trail bend just for dog-walking. You’ll also have easy access to plenty of natural amenities around the community. Treat yourself to a townhome tour this Saturday at our Open House event, and get yourself an ice cream treat while you’re at it! From 10-6 this Saturday and 1-6 this Sunday, bring the family and explore our RiverWalk homes. Take a stroll by the Chattahoochee River or visit Downtown Roswell afterward. You can call us for questions or check out the Facebook event for more information. Remember to stop by the sales office in RiverWalk for a cool, weekend treat!

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