Fall Interior Design Trends for Homebuyers

Fall interior design trends for homeowners

When it comes to interior design trends, the Summer of 2017 has been one to remember. Not only has it brought back many design choices from the past, but also paved the way for new trends expected this fall. We understand how important it is for your home to stand out, and we’re here to help provide you with a well-crafted new dream home, inside and out. To make your house truly feel stylish and cozy, we’ve compiled some of Fall’s hottest interior design trends that you can incorporate into your new home’s decor.

Woven Textures

With unique texture ideas becoming increasingly popular for designers, there are more and more creative ways to add more character to your home. Recently, wicker baskets and woven textiles have emerged as two of the most popular textiles to incorporate in the home. Decor like this comes at a low cost and can be both practical and beautiful. Use items like woven baskets as a crafty storage piece that also add natural and organic beauty to your home.

Warm Metal Tones

Bronze, rose gold, and other warm metals have been trending this summer, which indicates we can look forward to other warmer metals in the fall. One metal that has already taken the lead is brass. Brass is a beautiful, standout metal that pairs well with a wide variety of furnishings. Lately, it has been used in accents or incorporated with marble countertops to create a unique and glamorous look. With something as timeless as brass, you can’t go wrong when using this elegant metal to decorate your home.

Earthy Palettes

Long before 2017, one design choice that has continued to be popular are white or light colored rooms. The fall season brings a whole palette of earthy tones, and to no surprise, people love to incorporate these colors into their homes. Earth tones compliment wood floors and are also great at making a room feel cozy and warm, perfect for master bedrooms and living rooms.

On trend lighting fixtures for Sharp Residential designs

Lighting the Way

One of the first features many guests will notice when entering your home is the lighting. This fall, you can expect to see an increase in the use of more aesthetic lighting. A custom-looking light fixture shows off your unique design sensibility while making for a great conversation starter. Whether it’s a set of luxury bedside lamps or distinctive kitchen pendants, upgraded light fixtures are sure to brighten up your home’s interior design.

Dream Homes Available

Making good design choices for your home may seem like an obvious concern for new homeowners, but make sure you first choose a builder that can give you everything you desire in a new home. Finding the home of your dreams has never been easier with Sharp Residential. Since 1991, we’ve been building the most beautiful, high-quality homes in North Atlanta. We currently have new homes and home sites available for you to see. Please take a look at our available communities now and contact one of our agents today.

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